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If you looking at buying a rug online and then resizing we offer free resizing when you purchase the same rug from the link below. We can supply the same rug any rug exists .

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We are Sydney based carpet Over locking Company providing high quality edge finishing, over locking and binding services to all types of carpet, carpet off cut, carpet remnants, left over carpet, carpet mat, rugs and hall runners in Sydney. We have been dealing with carpet overlocking, edging and binding in Sydney for a prolonged period of time. We can turn your off cut or left over carpet in to nice useful rugs, mats or even very long hall runner by trimming to size or shape and then finish edge with either binding or over locking depending on the type  and construction of your carpet. However, our carpet overlocking, edging and binding service is the best in Sydney when it comes to quality, cost, reliability and turn around time. Contact us today for quick turn around and high quality carpet edging, over locking and binding with reasonable cost in Sydney. We usually use extra wide herringbone  binding tape for luxurious look. Our over locking place used to at situated on princess hwy at Sydenham which is close to Sydney CBD, very close to Alexandria, New town, Tempe and only down the road from mascot, Caringbah, Cronulla and adjacent suburbs of Sydney city. We have a massive range of round rug, extra large rugs and long hall runner in stock. We do not only server you with your carpet cutting and edging but also stock already made and pre cut Turkish , Afgani, Iranian carpet. Great place, nice selection of Rugs, wall to wall Carpet, Runner, pre cut and manufacture made round Rugs, half moon or semi circle rugs, square rug, laminate, timber and shutters. Come visit us today and have a look at our range. Our additional services include bound rugs, bind carpet remnants, carpet mat edging, off cut carpet made in to rugs, carpet cut to size, carpet trimming . We take great pride in cleaning oriental rugs and repair them or even perfectly tailor them to you  If your are searching for the best carpet overlocking place in sydney inner west where you can have your floor caovering custom made to any size, any shape then look no further

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